announcements by Laura Wellford on June 10, 2017

Lars 30th Anniversary

It all began in March of 1987, when local congregations took notice of a need in the Laurel community and decided to do something about it. With no dedicated social services organizations in Laurel, congregations were typically the first line of help for people in crisis.

The problem was that there was no consistent protocol for responding to those calls for help, and congregations felt unequipped to meet the diverse needs of their communities. When a few caring individuals from several congregations came together to find a solution, an advocacy committee was born. Support for the cause grew quickly.

By September of that year, the advocacy committee was able to hire a part-time social worker to meet with clients out of a small office at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church on Main Street.

During that first year, the newly formed Laurel Advocacy & Referral Services was able to assist 361 Laurel residents with food and financial help.

As the needs of our community grew, so too did the support from many generous donors and volunteers, allowing LARS to expand and introduce new programs to meet more diverse needs. 30 years later, LARS’ staff of nine serves over 1,730 Laurel households each year!

We invite you all to celebrate with us at our 30th Anniversary Celebration on June 10th, 2017 from 10AM–1PM at LARS as we take a look back at our organization’s unique history and honor the many people who have helped us along the way. RSVP to our (free) celebration at

Laura Wellford June 10, 2017