announcements by Alden J. Curnutt on February 06, 2017

Lars Has A New Look

As you may have noticed on our social media and website, we are sporting a new logo! We hope you're as excited as we are to share in the good news.

We carefully selected elements that better demonstrated the good work we are able to perform with the Laurel community:

The lines: The new design sports strong, clean lines and presents a clean shape. This simplifies the logo and makes it more visually appealing.

The house: The house "A" represents the house-shaped agency building. LARS, inc. stands tall as a pillar in the Laurel community.

The handshake: The handshake inside the house completes the "A" and represents the agency’s partnership with the community, to work together & empower clients.

The wordmark: The logo is formatted in a workmark, using the agency's name to build familiarity. The wordmark also utilizes the agency’s unique name in combination with the house and handshake to complete the image.

Color: The new logo demonstrates the use of two colors:

  • Blue: The color of responsibility, security and stability.
  • Orange The color of energy, enthusiasm and determination.

If you have feedback or would like to comment on our new logo, please feel free to send your input to our development team here.

Alden J. Curnutt February 06, 2017